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Creative, Trainer, Entrepreneur, Storyteller...
How do you describe a story still unfolding? I was once angry,
broken, and without direction.

Then I met change, and it took me in an amazing new direction. I took advantage of an opportunity to work as a Counselor in a youth residential group home. Within five years, I became President of the organization overseeing a team of Behavioral Counselors, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and Social workers. I got so obsessed with the process of change that I started studying it, speaking on it, and eventually wrote five books dealing with it. I couldn’t shut up about it, so companies ranging from tech, direct sales, and retail threw me some coins to train their managers, leaders, and employees on it. Appreciating my insights, some Executives and Entrepreneurs began to hire me as a performance coach to help them identify what “changes” they could implement to increase their output and results. About me? I’m just a regular  guy obsessed with the process of change and love sharing it with others.


What is Day One Coaching?

Day One Coaching is performance coaching. High performance coaches work with executives and athletes who are driving for their peak performance. They work to bring the best to the next level. Think Michael Jordan, Serena Williams, or Steve Jobs. They are 100% dedicated to optimizing peak performance. Performance coaches study these extraordinary people to determine how they do what they do, then translate that approach to clients so that they can apply it.



Day One Coaching delivers measurable outcomes through our four-step process.


You are the expert on
you. We are the expert
on the coaching
methodology. We ask
the questions to help
you create new
connections so that you
can see the

opportunities with a new
perspective before you.


During regular 1:1
session, a Day One
coach will help build a
custom development
plan based on their
assessment results.


Clients set their own
performance goals with
the help of their Day
One coach. Together,
they will identify and
define specific actions to
track progress and hit
performance targets.


Peak performance also
takes contentment, joy,
mindfulness, and
happiness. Day One
Coaching strives to
optimize clients' physical
and mental health, so
they are free to execute
at the highest level.



Melanie Schwartz Ph.D, Therapist & Mary Kay Director 

 I am a PhD-level professor, speech therapist, and single mom of 3 striving to change my life as an entrepreneur. I did not understand that my past experiences, negative self-talk, and belief were holding me back. Performance coaching with Julius quickly  changed my life. In 2 months my profits doubled, my dreams and goals upgraded and my belief amplified.  You need someone to help you evolve, change and get to the next level. You come to the right person!  

Lesia Mosely 

Political Strategist and Consultant 

Julius keeps your senses alert and your actions relevant to the goal.  I’ve reached new heights in my career and have succeeded long-standing personal goals with his Day One coaching. He is extremely personable, out of the box thinker and insightful. He connected with me quickly and at my unique stage of evolution.  He is trustworthy, always encouraging, and a patient guide through life experiences in pursuit of goals and dreams. And most importantly, he’s a high value, high integrity professional. 

Jenny McNulty Ph.D

Doctoral Speech Pathologist 

Julius has significantly impacted my productivity, emotional management, and my personal well-being. Coaching has led to higher levels of success, increased productivity, and advanced my leadership skills. His wider appreciation not only of my business, but my well-being, and my family have provided me with skills and strategies to elevate my current life and provide a plan for moving forward confidently into the dreams of my future

Heather Williams

Pilates and Somatic Educator 

When I wanted to quit my 9-5 and travel the world, I contacted Julius and I very quickly started backpacking to over 26 countries and counting.  And when I was questioning could I really fulfill my passion and open my own business I called Julius and now I run a private Pilates and Somatic Studio.  Julius always says “I am not your expert”, but he helps you become an expert of yourself.   He is an amazing coach.  He has a versatile means that can help anyone gain clarity, make great change, and create next steps while having a supportive ear by your side




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